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Be sure your property is nice and protected with all the various fencing we provide, whether your needs revolve around cosmetics, your yard, or overall landscaping. Additionally, by keeping your animals in or other animals out, you can trust that we are understanding and passionate about getting you the highest quality fencing material that you and we will be proud of. We use high-quality material from trusted manufacturers to ensure that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for that will accommodate all your fence installation needs. What more could you ask from a top-notch fence company? Click HERE for more information.


We know that installing a new fence may not be the right move right now. But we also know that time, seasonal damage, extreme weather, animals, pets, kids, neighbors, teenage divers... The list of possible ways your fence can be damaged could go on and on and on again. If you do not have confidence in your own fence repair abilities, let us relieve the stress and repair your fence today. Our highly trained professional fence contractors are timely, meticulous, and dedicated. After we repair the damage, we can help you maintain your fence for years to come. Just check out our maintenance schedules.

Though the final cost varies depending on the type of material used, replacing your fence is substantially more expensive than having it repaired. If you recycle your old fencing components, such as posts, nails, and wood, you could save a few dollars.


Most, if not all, fence installations will include a gate as well, but of course, we cannot expect you to have to hop the fence every time you need to get in or out! All jokes aside, fence gates get the absolute most usage from the fence design. Whether it's the hardware rusting and falling apart, the fence board breaking or coming off from the bottom from critters coming in and out, your gate needs to be in good working condition throughout the year. To learn more about the necessity of fence gates, click here.


Looking for a beautiful entrance to your home or community? Not only can we build a beautiful entryway with our fencing expertise, but we can also work closely with a local mason or bricklayer to combine our fencing with a beautiful brick or concrete wall. There are so many options to create an exquisite entryway to your driveway, home, or garden.


Not only will we repair your fence, we can sand, stain, and even paint it too! While staining a fence isn't always necessarily required, it is, however, highly recommended by our fence staining experts. Not just to bring out the beauty of the fence but to help the panels and posts last longer. Many fence stains, for example, provide ultraviolet (UV) protection, which can help protect your fence's natural finish and color from the heat and light of the sun. If you choose to do this on your own, a little recommendation from a fence pro is to pressure wash your fence first before you sand and stain. Finally, should you decide to stain your fence, contact Parker Fence Pros today and we'll get you hooked up with one of our fence staining experts today. Click here for more information on fence staining.

And keep in mind that we offer regular maintenance as well. Some cheap stains from our local big box stores will only last so long, but there are other options that will protect your fence for years to come.

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