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According to Home Depot, the cost of installing a fence can range from $1,000 to $10,000, but most homeowners
Is your fence beginning to rust, discolor, or even warp? These are common indicators that you may want fence replacement services. Because wood is a natural material, it is more prone to dampness, mold, and insect damage than a vinyl or plastic fence. You may be wondering whether a total fence replacement is required or if your wood fence only requires maintenance. A fence inspection and an estimate from expert fence installers are the best methods to make this decision.

Here are a few indicators that your fence needs to be replaced:

Labor costs may be higher if you are installing the fence in a particularly rocky or hilly area. Some contractors bill on an hourly basis. Most charge between $30 and $75 per hour. A 150-foot-long fence will take about 20 hours to build.

​The professionals and contractors at Parker Fence Pros can assist you! We have a wide selection of fences made of high-quality materials that look amazing and last for a long time! To learn more about our fence installation services, contact us now.

In a typical scenario, your fencing contractor will arrive promptly, although, depending on several factors, the installation may take a bit longer. Not to worry, because the average wait time for a fence installation is two to six weeks; however, this varies depending on the season, the company backlog, the area, and other considerations.

If you need your fence installed sooner, inquire early in the sales process. If there does happen to be a backlog of jobs, or perhaps if the building materials are not easily accessible for the supplier, and if there will be any seasonal slowdowns, you'll want to be ahead of the game as much as possible.

Fence is Rotting or Damaged from Moisture

Colorado has all four seasons, which makes it easy for moisture and decay to affect your wood fence. When moisture penetrates the wood, rotting can occur from the inside out.

In fact, our experienced fence installers at Northern Fence recommend examining your fence each spring, especially if it is older. Annual inspections of your wood fence will prevent repairs and extend the life of your cedar fence or pressure-treated pine fence.

If your fence is deteriorating, it is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. Fence rot symptoms include:

  • The fence smells musty or damp.

  • When touched, the wood is soft or squishy

  • Discoloration that is dark.

  • Surface flaws or damage.

  • If you notice any fungus growing on your fence,

​Fence warping is also caused by significant rotting, insect infestation, dampness, and other environmental causes. If you see warping on your wood fence, you should contact a fence installer soon once to get a replacement. Your wood fence's cracked or broken boards are caused by moisture damage and rotting.

Fence Posts or Boards that Are Cracked or Broken

Cracked or fractured boards are common in old wood fences. Cracks and/or damaged boards, on the other hand, might be caused by inadequate maintenance and the failure to utilize sealants. Which is common in DIY fence projects and residential neighborhoods that have constructed homes from large builders. Where they need to churn out quick builds and sales Your fence installation could have paid this nasty price.

Fence repair work may be a possibility if there are only a few cracked or broken boards. However, when your fence has many cracked and/or broken boards, it likely has missing fasteners as well.

It is critical to inspect and maintain your fence in order for it to last. If you notice symptoms that your fence needs to be replaced, contact a trustworthy company of fence installers to come and take care of it for you.

Fasteners that are Missing and Connections that are Loose

Weathering and aging wood fences can cause missing fasteners and loose connections. Missing screws and nails on your wood fence also indicate loose connections. To keep the boards on your fence in place, make sure your fasteners are not missing.

In truth, discoloration on your fence is caused by a missing fastener. Screws and nails become loose over time due to natural swelling and contracting caused by heat and moisture. Remember to contact fence replacement professionals as soon as you notice signs that your fence needs to be replaced.

Fence Repair Conclusion

Our fence installation professionals give you advice on how to repair your fence, but if it is severely damaged, it is very likely that fence replacement will be a necessary action.

In certain cases, it is much more cost-effective to replace your fence entirely because the cost of maintenance eventually equals the cost of fence replacement.

​The handy fence installers at Parker Fence Pros are concerned about the quality of your wood fence or pressure-treated pine fence, which is why we recommend an annual check.

We look for moisture penetration, rotting, warping, cracked or broken boards, missing fasteners, and weak connections during the fence inspection.

We will do everything possible to stay within your budget and select the most cost-effective choice for you. Parker Fence Pros will fix you up with our fence installation professionals.

Whether you are in need of a fence repair or a complete tear-down of your currently damaged fence and replacing it with a brand new installed fence, you can trust the Parker Fence Pros contractors to get the job done.

In addition to repairing an old fence and installing a new one, talk to your fencing contractor about getting on a regular maintenance schedule to keep your fence and your yard looking spectacular year in and year out.

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